About us


Who is it? It’s Lukas and Olaf, two German engineers and designers who have more than 30 years experience in sales, project planning, construction and design of (special) machines and plants for automation and high pressure technology as well as robot systems positioned at different industry from automotive to food.

Our ideas and development are always considered under the aspect of effectivity coupled with a functional but also attractive design while keeping costs low.                         

We have met the first time in 2008 when we were working at the same company. It took not much time to see that we have the same passion for innovative ideas or rather the joy in developing solutions from totally different fields of life. That what is possible for engineering in industry sectors  we  have transfered in areas of daily life, for the end user.

How often you are annoyed of not well done details, why it’s not better solved in practice? Furthermore how many people feel the same way?
We are inspired of these things we came across and we are working on perfect solutions. For ourselves but gladly for you. It’s the demand on ourselves which motivates to get the best possible product.

Do you have also some ideas but not the possibility to implement it or to build prototypes? We are able to support you!